Our Values

Our practices are guided by a commitment to grow food within a regenerative and sustainable agricultural system; one that respects the environment, the spirit of the land and it’s inhabitants, and honors the cultural practices embodied by Afro-ecological, smallholder farmers in The Gambia. In this way, we grow in a manner that‘s rooted in reciprocity and food sovereignty. 

In this way, we grow in a manner that values biodiversity, preserves... Learn More

Support Our Mission

We believe that farming can be a catalyst for social change. That farms can provide space for empowering refugees to rebuild their lives, reclaim their cultural heritage with food, cultivate a sense of belonging in their new surroundings and share their stories and wisdom. 

Through partnerships with local refugee organizations and community groups, we seek to provide language support, mentorship, and hands-on experience in regenerative, sus... Learn More


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